SignConnexion 2020 Update

MSSA Members,
It was said by many tenured members of the MSSA that the 2020 Board would be making the hardest decision in the history of this association. On Friday, April 24th, the board assembled on the first-ever video conference call. The motion was read, and the discussions began. Each member expressed their viewpoints with sadness and heartbreak in their voices. The decision was difficult yet unanimous. MSSA's premier annual event, 2020 SignConnexion, would be canceled. With the everyday unknown of tomorrow, it was agreed that we had an obligation to protect the members of this illustrious association. 
Immediately following the vote, conversations of optimism and opportunities were voiced loudly. Online auctions, continued virtual board/committee meeting, ISA Sign Expo reception, online product demonstrations, virtual seminars, Engage in the fall, virtual Happy Hours......,and so on. Many "Signs of Life" that MSSA will stay strong and will always act in the best interest of its members.  
Even though we won't meet in July, we will stay connected and be there for each other. Please reach out to one another and provide the kind support that makes this association like no other.  Our North Star will be the next time we can gather again. And I promise that it will be electric! 
Take care of yourselves and your families. Please reach out if you need anything. 
Thank you. 
Mike Lev, MSSA President