2021 Presidential Welcome Address

Salutations and congratulations on surviving one of the most trying years in our lifetimes. All of us have experienced so many firsts in the previous twelve months, and I would bet that we would all agree that we are happy to see 2020 in the rear-view mirror. One of the pleasant constants in my life last year was my MSSA family. Between all the Zoom calls, conference calls and emails, I feel like we did not miss a beat with regards to our commitment to making MSSA the premier association in the industry.


It has been my honor to serve on committees and the Board of Directors for the past fifteen years, and I am further honored to serve as your president in 2021. While sitting in my first Past Presidents’ breakfast, back in 2019, I was in awe at the assembly of the pillars of our industry. I look forward to continuing my education in the sign business by relying on these experienced leaders as well as mentoring a new generation of leaders in MSSA.


We are prepared to embrace new things this year as we drive our organization into the future. While I understand there is a level of uncertainty and discomfort with our new reliance on technology, accepting change is the first step in embracing new ideas and progress. I know, through several conversations, how so many of our members are missing that face-to-face uniqueness that makes our association so special. We will continue to push toward getting back together in the safest ways possible, and I so look forward to sharing a toast with all of you in 2021.


I humbly thank you again for this opportunity to serve this term and please, always feel free to contact me directly if there is anything that I can do.


Patrick Knotts,
MSSA President 2021

(205) 591-7777