2021 Elite Program Announcement

Due to the unfortunate happenings in 2020, the MSSA Board was forced to make many changes to accommodate and adapt for the betterment of our members. One of these changes was a decision to bring back the members of MSSA’s 2020 Elite Class so they could be provided with the full effects of this valuable program. With that said, MSSA will not be accepting new applications for the next Elite class until Spring of 2022.


Keeping this in mind, the Board of Directors has moved to amend the age requirement for eligibility for 2022-2023 Elite Class applicants. The current applicant's age range is age 21 through 35. For 2022-2023 Elite Class applicant's the age range is amended to ages 21 through 36. The MSSA Board appreciates your understanding of this difficult decision.


2021 - 2022 Elite Class Members

Madison Bowman, Cajun Sign Company

Hollie Harrison, Pattison Sign Group

James Reason, Certified Lighting, Inc. DBA Professional Sign Services

Dustin Snapka, Graphic Solutions Group

Ryan Wilkins, AAA Signs, LLC


We look forward to gathering face-to-face with this group of individuals and helping them maximize their potential thru advanced leadership and communication training. The program also acts as a primer for future leadership opportunities to serve on MSSA Committees and Board of Directors. This will be MSSA's fifth Elite Class.