Agnew Condray Excellence Award Recipients


The Mid-South Sign Association is proud to announce the 2020 and 2021 Agnew Condray Excellence Award recipients, 2020 Mark Burns and 2021 Mike Lev!

The MSSA Past Presidents Committee developed the Agnew / Condray Excellence Award to honor and recognize those individuals who have contributed to the on-premise sign industry and have been very influential, committed, and active in MSSA’s growth.

From the nominations:


2020 Recipient: 

Mark Burns, nominated by Cal Holt

“Mark Burns is long over-due for this award. His company has maintained a tremendous reputation for decades. He quietly gives of himself, his company, and their resources to our association. If I have questions or need advice about anything in this industry, Mark Burns is who I would call or recommend others to call. He is all in when it comes to his company, his community, his family, his faith, and his country.” - Cal Holt, Knight Sign Industries


"Many, many times, I have contacted Mark Burns to explain sign industry questions/concerns – codes, permitting, and crane truck regulations!  He always shares his knowledge.  Graciously opened his company twice for MSSA Conferences holding educational sessions.  He truly has the MSSA Spirit!” -Karen Warr, MSSA Executive Director


2021 Recipient: 

Mike Lev, nominated by Brandi Pulliam

“During my time involved with MSSA, Mike Lev has always been present and heavily involved with MSSA. He has dedicated his time to many committees, such as education and developed a program to honor Veterans. In almost every seminar we have, Mike has been involved in bringing it to us. As if this wasn't enough, Mike is always picking other people's brains for ways to improve what MSSA offers to its members. He epitomizes what MSSA stands for by being focused on being a member-focused and driven association. On a personal side, Mike has always been someone I could talk to when I needed to seek advice or I wanted constructive criticism in improving my own self. Because Mike is consistently so generous with MSSA, he pushes those around him to be better and to make MSSA better, he deserves the recognition of being an Agnew/Condray Excellence Award recipient.” - Brandi Pulliam, Agnew Sign and Awning


“From my perspective, MSSA dealt with several stressful circumstances in past years, but due to COVID, 2020 was inordinate.  My wish for MSSA is never a repeat of 2020.  Mike led MSSA with clarity to reach goals, the cancelation/postponement of hotel/convention center contracts, and then focus attention on the next objective with calmness.” - Karen Warr, MSSA Executive Director


“Mike introduced our company to this organization and has been someone to look up for me in this industry. He has the knowledge, the experience, and the friendliness that will far exceed any other nominees." - John Adinolfe, Alternative Sign Group


“Outstanding loyalty and service to MSSA.” - Roger Williams, Harbinger