2022 Presidential Welcome Address

New is the year, new are the hopes, new are the resolutions, new are the spirits, but what is not new are my warm wishes for all Mid-South’s members. It is my honor to start 2022 by serving as MSSA’s President and I know that we have some exciting things in store for this year!


The past couple of years, there has been an underlying theme that will come to the forefront this year: CHANGE. We have all had to face tremendous changes in the past few years, whether it be personally or professionally. We have had to cope with COVID, material shortages, employee shortages, and so much more. What can be intimidating about change is that we are not always prepared for it to come. It can blindside us and leave us rushed to figure out a plan. However, changes can bring positive things our way as well. Our country was founded because of change, and we all are here today due to change.


MSSA has not escaped being impacted by change. Our long-time executive director, Karen Warr, has begun her well-earned retirement. At the beginning of Karen deciding she was ready to retire, she created a transition committee to help make the process of her retiring as easy as possible. Through many Zoom meetings and interviews, the transition committee promoted Annie Nabors to our Executive Director role and brought on Rachael Scarbrough to fill Annie’s vacant Membership and Marketing Manager role. This job was not taken lightly by any of the transition committee members. We took every step possible to mitigate any risks and make sure our selections fit within the culture of MSSA and that our selections would help push MSSA forward with growth. While I am saddened to see Karen depart MSSA, I am incredibly excited about the changes that Annie and Rachael will help develop this year and, in the years, to come.


I look forward to working with our growing committees and Board of Directors to develop more changes that keep within our culture and allow us to grow and include younger generations. Without the inclusion of the younger generations, I would not have been fortunate enough to be an Elite Alumni, serve as a Board of Director or serve on the Executive Committee.


I am exceedingly thankful for the opportunity to serve our members. Please be safe, and I hope to see all of you with your ideas and tips that promote change at Idea Exchange in Laurel, MS on March 10th -12th.


Brandi Pulliam,

MSSA 2022 President

Phone: 318-323-2202