MSSA Spotlight: Brandi Pulliam




As we wrap up Women’s History Month, we wanted to make sure and highlight our very own MSSA President, Brandi Pulliam.  Take a look at what motivates her as a leader, what she hopes to accomplish in the industry, and much more.  Thank you Brandi for taking the time to answer our questions and for being a role model for women in our industry.  


What led you to the sign, graphics, and visual communications industry?

My parents started in the sign industry before I was born. Our industry is both vast and specialized so as I entered my college years, I knew it would be a career that would not allow me to get bored and it would challenge me. I built my college curriculum around the courses I felt I would need for our industry. 


What inspires and motivates you to be a good leader?

I’m inspired by people. As a leader, we should all feel a desire to be an advocate or a voice for others. I enjoy pushing myself outside of my comfort level and seeing personal growth achieved from it. I also like encouraging others to challenge themselves for the same reasons. 


What do you hope to accomplish in your current and future roles within this industry?

I think we all want to make contributions to our industry, whether that be through serving our associations, our work place, etc. Currently, my focus is on serving and representing MSSA to the best that I can as President. I hope to find ways to improve our association for our members and will continue to do so after my term as President. I enjoy both working with our future leaders and supporting women in our industry, and that will be a constant throughout my career. As far as the future, I believe mine and anyone else’s possibilities are limitless. 


Any advice or words of wisdom for women in this industry just getting started?

Don’t limit yourself or your knowledge just because something is outside of your job description! Ask questions, talk to people in different aspects of the industry, go out in the field, and go to industry related shows and conferences. Not only will you see self improvement and an increase of knowledge of our industry and its history, but you will gain the respect of coworkers and others in the industry.


What are you most looking forward to see happen this year within the industry?

I am excited about too many things to name just one! I am looking forward to some normalcy of being able to have all of our meetings this year! I am looking forward to the projects MSSA’s committees are working on developing into fruition. I am looking forward to the growth of our members and I am looking forward to seeing Annie and Rachael grow in to their new roles with MSSA.