Favorite Moments from ISA Sign Expo 2022

What a great week at ISA Sign Expo! We loved seeing all of our members!  From all of our talks, the consensus seemed to be that everyone enjoyed themselves and kept busy throughout the trade show.


We asked a few MSSA members to tell us their favorite part of the expo, what they learned, and their overall experience at ISA Sign Expo.  This what they had to say: 


“My favorite part would have to be, having the opportunity to be Chairman of ISA during the first show back in three years and the first show in Atlanta ever.  I was a little nervous in the weeks leading up to the show, but the ISA team does such a great job, they really hit it out of the park!  It was a pleasure to watch them work and do their thing in their natural environment.  The ISA Executive Committee along with the rest of the ISA Board of Directors were a huge support and wealth of knowledge, which was exactly what was needed during these last couple of years to get us where we are today!


The networking is another favorite aspect of mine.  I can remember years ago before I was involved with ISA and was walking the trade show floor, I knew hardly anyone.  Now, just a few years later, I can’t walk past five booths without seeing someone I have met before.  Those relationships are invaluable and are one of the reasons why I keep coming back.


So, you ask what I have learned?  I would say, if you stay in your little world and never get out to these shows, etc. and meet people and learn what is going on in the industry, you might as well be doing business with blinders on.”


-Michael Hage, ISA Chair


“Wow…what a show.  It was so amazing to be back at a live EXPO.  The energy was amazing.  ISA should be commended for pulling this together in a much shorter time frame than normal.  The staff at ISA is the best in the business and they don’t get enough credit for the work that they do behind the scenes to pull off this massive feat.  


My favorite part of the week was seeing the EXPO through the eyes of my daughter. She was a first-timer and I got a lot of joy seeing her finally get what all the hype was about.  We are buying a new piece of equipment that caught her eye and hopefully will bring a new stream of revenue to our company.  I served as a panelist on the Women Leading the Industry event and had two meaningful conversations after with woman who also work with family.  It comes with equal parts positives and negatives.  I’m very proud to say that my company is now a third generation family owned business.  I’m sure my father-in-law would be really proud of what he started back in 1978.


MSSA’s own, Michael Hage, rocked his Chairmanship!  I was so proud to be a witness to his success. Very few people have the passion for this industry’s success than Michael.  


Can’t wait to see what the ISA Expo looks like in Vegas-2023!”


-Mandy Wisner, ISA Secretary/Treasurer


"There’s nothing quite like (re)connecting and falling back into the exciting (yet comfortable) rhythm of tradeshow season. The theme of reconnection seemed to resonate through this year’s ISA Sign Expo – and I’m excited to see that continue throughout our regional shows this summer and fall. We forget how special it is to share a meal, engage in face-to-face conversation, and shake a hand until that’s been taken away. The highlight of this year’s show, for me, was getting to meet all the new faces who joined the industry during the pandemic and were getting to feel the ISA experience for the first time."


-Lauren Conaway, MSSA Member


"There were so many great areas of the ISA Show and so much to learn from the vendors, expert applicators and hands-on experiences to be had there.  With every major company in our industry collaborating in one location for a week was truly a special experience.  What I am able to take away from this year’s ISA show and share with my customers is sure to keep changing our ever-changing industry."


-Evan Dill, Elite Class 2023



We think Michael said it best: “The relationships in the sign industry are invaluable.”  We value these relationships amongst our members and MSSA takes pride in every one of your successes.  Congratulations on an exciting and successful ISA Sign Expo!  We are looking forward to another great trade show at SignConnexion in July and can’t wait to see everyone again!