2023 Presidential Welcome Address


As we enter 2023, here is to wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead; filled with peace, love, happiness, and health.  I start with this because the last two years have been extremely difficult for me personally and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to fulfill my duties with the MSSA.


My mother had a debilitating stroke in December 2019, my father passed two weeks later in January 2020, while my wife was battling cancer and then….  the COVID pandemic.  I lost two dear neighbors that were like parents to me to COVID later in 2020 - I must say these were very trying times for all of us. The future seemed dark, none of us really knew what to expect, and we were being shut down socially when we needed it most.


Now, here we are entering 2023 – New Year, New Hopes and Dreams, with Positive New Outlook. It appears that 2022 was turning point and everyone’s prayers were answered. We finally got to meet in person and socialize - it seemed like we were elementary children let out for recess – it was awesome.


Looking ahead, 2023 looks very promising, with the IDEA EXCHANGE at Munn Enterprises in Hattiesburg MS, March 2-4, SIGN CONNEXION at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi MS, July 26-29, the ELEVATE Leadership Coaching Summit in New Orleans, October 25-27 with MSSA Local Bash planned for Baton Rouge January 13, Huntsville AL May 19, and Little Rock AR September 15.  If you or your employees have never attended any of these events, I want to encourage you to become involved, as I have personally benefited from each event I have attended.  “Members Helping Members” is probably the truest statement I have heard about our association, I have established some life long friends in this association who are always there if I need advice or direction and I am sure that you will too.


It has been a pleasure and extremely rewarding to Chair on Committees, Serve on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and I am honestly humbled and honored to Serve as President this year.


I want to thank Hilton Displays for their support, the Board Members, Committee Chairs and Committee Members, our Sponsors, MSSA Members, Annie Nabors, Executive Director and Rachael Scarbrough, Membership Marketing Manager, who have done a fantastic job. Honestly, we couldn’t be successful without them, and I am proud to be part of such a wonderful association.


In closing, please reach out to me if you ever need anything and if I am not able to help, I am sure I can get you to someone that can.


With Kindest Regards,

Mel Davey