MSSA Elite Program










MSSA Elite Program

The MSSA Elite Program is a leadership development program devoted to helping young leaders in the sign & graphics industry maximize their potential by learning advanced leadership and communication skills, as well as, serving as a primer for future leadership opportunities to serve on MSSA Committees and Board of Directors.



  • History of the sign industry and the importance of sign associations
  • Policies and Procedures and Bylaws of the Mid-South Sign Association
  • Structure and purposes of MSSA board of directors, committees, and programs
  • Effective networking skills for social-business environments
  • Leadership principles and how to apply these to your current position
  • How to identify and communicate effectively with different personality types
  • Advanced non-verbal communication skills
  • How to interact and accomplish goals as a team as you work on a group project and board presentation



  • Registration & Hotel Accommodations for:
    • Fall Meeting - Engage or Elevate
    • Idea Exchange
  • Certificate & recognition of acceptance into program at MSSA Awards Dinner at SignConnexion
  • Opportunity to network with sign industry professionals including MSSA Board of Directors and Elite Program Alumni
  • Award & recognition of completion of program at MSSA Awards Dinner at SignConnexion
  • Upon completion, receive a ribbon to wear on your name badge at all future MSSA conferences & conventions identifying you as an MSSA Elite Alumni!

The MSSA Elite Program is a great experience that I think everyone should get to witness. In my time with the Elite program, I learned a lot about myself and actually what type of leader I am and the leader I want to be inside of our company. I learned so much about the procedures of running an effective meeting and have tried implementing them in our meetings since returning to work. Coming from a family owned and operated sign company, it was good to meet young people who comes from the same background as I do, as well as the opportunity to get to know one another on a personal level rather than business.

Josh Munn, Munn Enterprises

By having the board exposure in the MSSA Elite program, I have a goal of one day serving on the MSSA board. This program showed me how important it is to be involved within the regional sign associations and the only way to make a difference is to volunteer your time if you want to help make a change. Being on the MSSA board absolutely frightened me before this program. I knew it would be a lot of responsibility and I just wasn’t totally sure of myself that I could be the right candidate. With David Watson giving us the exposure and by seeing how important it is to have a highly invested board, you get to see how much can be accomplished. Like I said before, it’s one of my personable goals because I love the signage industry and I want to be able to help anyway I can. I also didn’t know much about the subcommittees that focus on various areas of importance for the association. I instantly wanted to show my appreciation and join sub committee as quick as I can so I can help give my input right away.

Tommy Allen, Allen Industries

When it comes to the training that we received from David Watson, one topic has had particular relevance to me. Seeing as my company features a Board of Directors, David’s lessons regarding how Boards function and Robert’s rules of order has had and will continue to have much use in my career. I would definitely recommend this opportunity to any younger professional in the sign industry. It is incredibly apparent how much David cares about this class and everyone who is in it. Having an instructor like that has made this training one of the most impactful experiences I have had. If you want to grow as a professional, in your company, and in this industry, you should go Elite.

Boston Sherrier, Vulcan Inc.

Being a part of the MSSA Elite Program has been an awesome experience that not only taught me the history of the sign industry, but also the direction it’s heading. You couldn’t ask for better, or knowledgeable, people to lead this course for the association. I would recommend to everyone that has a chance at being a part of the Elite Program to jump at the opportunity, you’ll leave the program with friends and memories that can last a lifetime.

Kyle Curry, Canedy Sign & Graphics