Steve Metheny Scholarship

Steve Metheny Scholarship Foundation

The Steve Metheny Scholarship Foundation is, without a doubt, the most advanced scholarship program in the sign industry. Since founding the Scholarship Foundation in 1997, 959 scholarships totaling $1,438,500 have been awarded to MSSA members' employees and their dependent children!

I would like to thank you on selecting me for the 2019 MSSA Steve Metheny Foundation Scholarship. I can assure you the scholarship will go towards my future studies as I invest it into a laptop for college. Thank you and your committee for this award.

Jovan Zayas

Thank you for informing me of this wonderful news! I can’t even begin to tell you how much this money will help me.

Jack Tennent

Thank you so much for choosing me for the MSSA scholarship. I am so excited and appreciative of this opportunity. I know it will be very beneficial as I begin college this fall.

Hailey Talley

Thank you for choosing me to be a recipient of the Steve Metheny Scholarship Foundation. I am honored to represent MSSA as a scholar. The funds help with costs associated with nursing school. I am so grateful to be able to continue my studies and further my career.

Caleigh Reece

I am writing to express my gratitude for being a recipient of the 2019 MSSA Steve Metheny Foundation Scholarship. It is an honor to have been chosen for this amazing scholarship. The money does not just help with tuition it is helping me to get more from my education as I pursue a career in veterinary medicine. I can now dedicate more of my time to campus clubs to help expand my own knowledge while also building a stronger community here at the University of Findlay. It is because of the support from people like you that we can build brighter futures. Thank you so much.

Anne Pannent

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mid-South Sign Association for your generosity in selecting me to be a recipient of the Steve Metheny Scholarship. I am extremely honored to be chosen as a recipient of this year’s award. This year I will be returning to Lipscomb University as a senior working towards my bachelor’s degree as a Marketing major, with an emphasis on New Media Marketing. While attending Libscomb full-time, I also work two part-time jobs and an internship that total 40 plus hours a week. I am truly grateful for the assistance that I am receiving. When I graduate, I hope to use what I have learned from Mid-South Sign Association and Libscomb University to help another student reach their educational goals. Thank you once again, Mid-South Sign Association, for helping me to continue attending college.

McCalla Medvecky

Thank you so much for choosing me to be a 2019 MSSA Steve Metheny Foundation Scholarship Recipient. This means so much to me. It is a reassurance that I am on the right path with my schooling, and I will continue to work hard to achieve my goals. My family and I feel a relief of financial stress with this scholarship. I truly am grateful for everything.

Ada Marion

Thank you very much for this recognition! I am truly grateful to receive this scholarship. It means a lot to me and my family and I appreciate MSSA for believing in me and my future. I will be attending NC State University in the Fall 2019. Thank you again!

Shane Mai

I am sincerely honored to be selected once again as a recipient for the Steve Metheny Scholarship! I will gladly accept this generous offer. Thank you for this award, which will allow me to continue my studies at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. I am looking forward to my sophomore year in the Fall.

Olivia Ann Hawke

Thanks so much to you and MSSA for the scholarship, and investing in my future and my scholastic goals. It will definitely help ease the stressful burden of debt most college students carry, so I can better focus on my college experience and academic scores. I am very appreciative of your support.

Joey Brazin

I can’t express how grateful I am for this award. This very generous scholarship will aid me immensely this year. Regrettably, I will not be able to attend the award ceremony. However, that doesn’t take away from the gratitude I wish to express to all of the Mid-South Sign Association. Thank you, for aiding me in my quest of achieving my academic goals.

Jack Brazin

Without the support from your foundation, paying for college and for housing would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. I very much appreciate the help financially and how it will help further my education and eventually lead to a career. I know for me and many other students like me, this wouldn’t be possible without organizations like yours who support student efforts, so thank you.

Justin Berry

Thank you for selecting me as one of the recipients of this year’s scholarship. This award helped me so much last year, and I am thrilled to be receiving it again. The scholarship has helped relieve the financial burden of school, so I am so grateful for it. Thank you again for this honor.

Morgan Adkisson

I wanted to express my gratitude for choosing my son, Justin Berry, as a recipient of the Steve Metheny Scholarship. We are appreciative of the support you have extended Justin. Thank you!

April Kooistra, Mimaki USA

Thank you MSSA for the generous gift. I just called Emily and she is very excited and soon you will receive an thank you from her. Funding will be used to help toward her tuition.

Brian Saffle, Signs First-Hattiesburg

On behalf of GSG, its loyal employees and their families, we greatly appreciate MSSA and all its members for these gracious awards. MSSA continues to be the best!

Steve Anderson, GSG

Tim just informed me that my daughter, Hailey was chosen to receive a scholarship. We are very excited to receive the news, and I can assure you that the money will be very beneficial as she starts her college career at the University of Southern Mississippi this fall to pursue a degree in nursing. Thank you again!

Polly Talley, Mitchell Signs
We are no longer accepting applications for 2020 scholarships. Applications will reopen April 2021.