Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade - SUBMIT IDEA 

Tricks of the Trade: Clever methods or techniques used by experienced craftsman to save time or spare frustration. Consider sharing your Trick of the Trade at Idea Exchange & earn the chance to win up to $500. Each participant will have an opportunity to describe or demonstrate their method to attendees during Idea Exchange 2023 in Hattiesburg, MS on Saturday, March 4th.


MSSA would LOVE for each attending sign company to make a submission—after all, this is the concept for the conference, exchanging & sharing ideas!


1st Place Prize | $500 

2nd Place Prize | $250 


- Submit your Trick of the Trade below
- Prepare a 3-5 minute presentation with photos, video, PowerPoint or demonstration (attach these in the online submission form below)
- Only ONE submission per vendor company - informative and non-commercial, please
- Up to THREE submissions allowed for all other organizations
- Winners voted on by Idea Exchange attendees

- Deadline to submit: Tuesday, February 21


Example: You’ve found a new tool or method that makes a process in manufacturing or installation easier or quicker. You could attach an image of the tool or a written explanation of the method. You may even record yourself or an associate performing a task using your unique trick of the trade.